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Since 1999, when the official charter for Nurse Practitioners of Idaho (NPI) was signed, NPI has focused on meeting the needs of nurse practitioners across our state. The purposes of NPI are to advance, support and promote the role of nurse practitioners and to promote accessible, quality health care provided by nurse practitioners. This includes not only continuing educational opportunities, but also providing to our members current information that impacts their clinical practice. NPI promotes legislative changes that enhance NP practices within Idaho, which positively affects patient welfare. As a member of NPI you will be making a valuable investment in not only your career, but the health future of all Idahoans.

Membership Provides

Membership Dues

Memberships are for one year.  Dues are valid January 1st through December 31st each year.  If you would like to join or renew, please visit our sign up page.

Regular Member: $90.00
A Nurse Practitioner or an RN who has graduated from a nurse practitioner program. Regular members shall pay annual dues, vote, hold elected or appointed office and serve on committees.

Student Member: $25.00
A registered nurse currently enrolled in a NP program. Student members shall pay dues, have a voice in discussions, and serve on committees. Students may not vote or serve as officers, except for the elected Student Representative which will participate as an Executive Board member.  An NP pursuing a DNP is also eligible for membership under student status.