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Thinking about becoming a Nurse Practitioner?

A few things to consider before selecting an NP program

A bachelor of nursing is required to start a NP program. If you do not have a BSN, you may want to select a School of Nursing that has a RN to MSN program. It is always wise to select a program in the state in which you know you want to be licensed in. Idaho has one of the best practice acts in the United States, you have full practice autonomy in Idaho. You will also want to ensure that the NP program (not just the university) is nationally accredited. Review the NLNAC or CCNE sites for accredited nursing master's programs. From there you can link to the School of Nursing websites that interest you to find out if they have programs and options you require. It is always important to ask the question and insure that the program you are entering includes the recommended NONPF curriculum for your NP specialty.

Already enrolled in an NP Program?

Congratulations on your decision to enter the field of advance practice nursing. You have taken the first step by choosing to be a student NP. I invite you to take the next step in joining your professional state organization, Nurse Practitioners of Idaho (NPI).

NPI, chartered in 1999, promotes NPs by actively supporting legislation including advanced nursing practice. NPI champions accessible quality health care for all Idahoans. Each year NPI's State Conference is a subsidized benefit of NPI membership. NPI provides up-to-date information impacting clinical practice to our members through our conference, the NPI website, and quarterly newsletters. NPI actively promotes legislative changes to positively affect patient outcomes within our educational preparation. NPI seeks to support NP students as you transition into the autonomous role of advanced practice nursing.

NPI's mission is to provide high quality healthcare delivery to all Idahoans by empowering Idaho Nurse Practitioners. This cannot be achieved individually, yet is enhanced as NPs stand as a positive, collective organization. Each NP student and NP has a voice that needs to be heard. Make your voice count by joining your professional organization. As a student member of NPI, you will be making a valuable investment in your career and the health future of all Idahoans.

Additional benefits of NPI membership include:

NPI wants you to continue to flourish as you provide high quality healthcare in multiple healthcare settings. Join NPI now.